2017 Summer CHFM  Exam Information

Examination Date

July 28, 2017
Check-in time: 8:00 am 
Exam start time: 9:00 am

Registration Deadline

  • AMP must receive the exam application and fees by the deadline of July 7th
  • Late applications will not be accepted. There is no onsite registration for the exam.
INTEGRIS Cancer Center - corrected location 
5911 W Memorial Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
NOTE: The exam administration begins after all registered candidates have checked in or 9:00 am, whichever occurs first. Candidates are allowed two (2) hours to complete the exam after administrative matters are completed. Schedule your travel arrangements accordingly.

*Exam Fee 
Exam registration and fees are not included with conference registration or any pre-conference sessions. Exam application and fee must be submitted to AMP as directed on the exam application.
Member fee for CHFM exam: $275
Non-member fee for CHFM exam: $425

Exam Application 
  • Applications cannot be submitted online for this special administration. They must be submitted to AMP by fax or mail.
  • Obtain an exam application from the CHFM Candidate Handbook OR download the exam application
  • If you are using the exam application in the CHFM Candidate Handbook for Examination Type, check "Special domestic administration” and write in July 27, 2017 - Oklahoma, 2017. 
  • Include payment with the application. AMP does not accept personal checks.
  • Submit exam application and payment to AMP for receipt by AMP July 7, 2017 (AMP is the vendor with which the AHA-CC contracts for exam administration.) By submitting the CHFM Examination, you certify that you meet the CHFM eligibility requirements as listed on the application and in the CHFM Candidate Handbook.
    • Fax application with credit card information to AMP at (913) 895-4651, OR 
    • Mail application with company or cashier’s check payment to:

      18000 W. 105th St.
      Olathe, KS 66061-7543
NOTE: To ensure that your application is processed correctly and in a timely manner, please do NOT send exam applications or payment to OAHE, ASHE or the AHA-CC.

Exam Registration Confirmation
  • Candidates are not registered for the exam until they have received their confirmation letter.
  • AMP sends confirmation of receipt of the exam application (via mail and e-mail.  If you do not receive a confirmation by about XXXX contact AMP at 1.888.519.9901 or info@goAMP.com.

Day of the Exam

All policies and procedures as listed in the CHFM Candidate Handbook apply.

  • Only candidates who received an exam confirmation from AMP will be allowed to test. Candidates who did not advance register will NOT be allowed to test at the conference.
  • Candidates must be on time. Registration/check in begins at 8:00 AM