Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers

The Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers (OAHE) is apprised of Facility Managers, Stationary Engineers, Clinical Engineers, and Safety professionals working together with ASHE and OHA to communicate and educate our facilities on the ever changing codes, regulations, and technologies available to improve the quality of patient care.

CHC Prep Class Through ASHE

With all the changes that Covid-19 brought in, our Healthcare facilities are starting to require contractors to be “CHC Certified”. So what does “CHC” mean? Well, according to the ‘Health Care Compliance Association’ (HCCA), an individual holds knowledge of relevant regulations and expertise in compliance process sufficient to assist the healthcare industry organizations in understanding and addressing legal obligations, and promote organizational integrity through the operation of effective compliance programs.

August 19, 2021 | 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 
Nabholz Construction |Tulsa

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Safe Day One

The orientation of technicians, outside vendors and contractors in healthcare is not only a safety issue, it is required for accreditation with organizations such as The Joint Commission. Safe Day One is an online healthcare facilities orientation & safety training. It’s not enough to be safe one day, we must be safe day one.

In response to ever tightening travel and education budgets, OAHE has partnered with the Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers and Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC) to provide Safe Day One online to OAHE members

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