About OAHE


An affiliation of the Oklahoma Hospital Association and the American Society of Healthcare Engineers. 

The Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers is committed to bring affordable educational programs to Oklahoma healthcare institutions. Our association with state, federal, and nationally renown organizations provides direction and focus on issues that impact healthcare in our State. This organization was founded in 1970 by healthcare engineers. Our Board of Directors is made up of experienced professionals currently working in healthcare today. They are supported by a Past Presidents Council which provides years of experience in conducting the business of OAHE.

The Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers is a non-profit organization. Our members are employed by Oklahoma Healthcare institutions and those government employees providing direct support to these institutions. Other members include Vendor members providing support services including but not limited to construction, consulting, design and maintenance.

Our Objectives are:

  • To advocate the use of sound, safe, effective and efficient principles in all Oklahoma Healthcare Facilities.
  • To encourage networking among healthcare providers, there by furthering education.
  • Improve your ability to provide quality healthcare in your organization.
  • Provide you access to vendors and service organizations that can assist you in meeting the needs of your organization.
  • To serve as a forum for exchange of information, ideas and experiences concerning everyday problems of healthcare providers.
  • To promote education within the healthcare engineering fields.

With today’s rising cost and changing healthcare, its providers are driven to improve quality and maintain cost.  It is only logical to belong to an organization where this can be made possible.

A driving force in maintaining a quality environment for healthcare in Oklahoma.