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President's Letter
I would like to take a moment to thank all the sponsors who helped us with our spring conference. I know the conference was a little different than in the years past with a new location and new evening activities but overall, I think it was a successful event. Thank you to all the presenters at the event, we had a great group of folks come in and speak to our members. Thank you to all the vendors who showed up in full force to represent their companies and show off some of their wonderful products. And of course, thank you to all the hospital employees who attended the event. I trust you got some good information out of the conference and walked away with something new.

Coming up in just a few weeks we have our CHFM class and test. We will be holding the class and the test at Integris Cancer Center in OKC on July 27 and 28th, I hope all the facility directors and managers can make it out to the class and possibly take the test while you are there. The CHFM was the class that most the membership voted for so please sign up for the class and the test if you feel you are ready to take it. Remember, you do not have to take the test at the time of the class. You can attend the class only on Thursday July 27th and schedule your test at a later date. Please sign up for the class, you are guaranteed to learn a lot from the ASHE presenters who will be there to teach the class. It will be extremely helpful to you in your efforts to get your CHFM. Sign up is open on the website,

If you are a vendor and interested in sponsoring the CHFM class, please go to the website and sign up for that. We still have a few open spots for sponsors. As a sponsor, you will be able to setup a table with your company’s information and visit with attendees during breaks.

The annual ASHE conference is coming up in August and the OAHE board members will be attending the conference in full force to represent the OAHE. The board has a full agenda for the conference with chapter leadership trainings, regional meetings, and breakout sessions. If you are attending the ASHE conference this year reach out to a board member and we can all try to meet for dinner one evening.

If you have any suggestions for speakers at the fall meeting, please reach out to me. Our fall meeting will be a half day meeting held in conjunction with the Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA). We will meet the morning of November 2nd at the Cox Convention Center. After our session is over please make plans to visit the vendors that will be setup in the OHA tradeshow area. Without our vendors and their support, we would not be able to bring the trainings and the presenters that we bring to the OAHE.

Thank you,

Scott Johnson, CHC, CET
2017 OAHE President
Director of Healthcare Solutions
York Electronic Systems, Inc.

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Energy To Care Update
To all my OAHE friends,

As the acting OAHE Sustainability Liaison to ASHE I am excited to tell you about opportunities for you and your organization to participate in ASHE sustainability initiatives that will provide you value from your OAHE membership and identify saving opportunities at your facility.

With support from ASHE the OAHE will develop a Sustainability committee. We all know we can’t improve any performance if we don’t measure that performance and review the data? The goal of the OAHE Sustainability committee will be to help you as a facility manager to benchmark your facilities energy usage in Portfolio Manager.

We encourage all of you to take time create an account in Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.

Use this link to access Portfolio Manager and create your account:

Once you create your account let OAHE know and we will ask you if you will share your information with the OAHE. This is where the benefit kicks in. If you share your information with us, the OAHE sustainability committee can view your account and assist you with setting up your account or answer any question you may not be sure of, then you’ll you be on your way to reducing your facilities energy costs.

After that the OAHE will encourage you to share your information with ASHE Energy to Care program. This does two things:

First it allows ASHE to look at energy consumption on a national level and work closely with Energy Star to offer recommendation and suggestions on how to reduce energy costs. You can image how much ASHE can offer us when they have access to over 2,000 hospitals data and the efforts they have taken to reduce energy costs.

Second doing this will allow the OAHE to participate in the ASHE Energy Chapter Challenge. We might even have an opportunity to compete with the Texas Association of Healthcare Facility Managers (TAHFM) in a friendly Red River rivalry to see who can reduce energy cost the most in one year. I am excited about the opportunity to develop this committee so the OAHE can continue to provide you with benefits that make your membership of value to you. Just think how your administration would feel about you and your performance, if you can provide data to your organization that your efforts potentially created a savings of several thousand dollars every year.
If you are interested in participating as a member of the OAHE Sustainability Committee or just want to set up your Portfolio Manager let me know, I’d love to collaborate with each of you to start your journey towards energy reduction and / or as a committee member that can help others in the OAHE with sustainability.

On another note I encourage each of you to go onto ASHE’s website and complete the Energy survey. The survey closes soon so if you can complete the survey, ASHE will greatly appreciate It. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the next OAHE event.

John M. Holderman II
OAHE Sustainability Liaison
2017 Summer CHFM Workshop and Exam
The Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) program offered by the American Hospital Association Certification Center is one way that you can validate your knowledge in the profession and gain further recognition among your peers. The CHFM certification exam is based on practical experience and knowledge you may have gained academically as well as on the job. While there are many ways that you may choose to prepare for the exam, the CHFM Certification Preparation Workshop review course is one of those ways. Although participation in the review class does not guarantee that you will pass the exam, it is one way that you may choose to prepare for the exam and to validate your knowledge of content covered on the exam.

ASHE has developed an educational program intended to aid CHFM candidates in their preparation for the exam. The program is a one day program, presented by an ASHE faculty member, which presents material from the five subject areas of the CHFM exam. This course is intended to assist the candidate in their preparation by augmenting their knowledge of the fundamental skills needed to be a healthcare facility manager. The preparation course is representative of material on the exam but does not teach to the exam.

Through a combination of lecture, CHFM formatted practice test questions, and study materials, you will gain confidence in the five key competency areas of the CHFM exam. Learn what you resources you need to review, and how to take a computer-based exam.

AHA CEUs: .70 or 7 contact hours
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CMS Issues Interpretive Guidance on Emergency Preparedness Rule
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released interpretive guideline and survey procedures for the emergency preparedness rule that became effective in November 2016. Similar to how Life Safety Code® requirements have a set of corresponding K-Tags, the emergency preparedness requirements are listed in "E-Tags" included in Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual. Organizations are expected to be in full compliance with the emergency preparedness rule by Nov. 15, 2017.
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