Safe Day One™ is recommended by ASHE as the best online education preparation for the new Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker credential.

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Healthcare Facilities Orientation & Safety Training is ONLINE and AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!

$129 a person and earns you 6 contact hours

The orientation of technicians, outside vendors and contractors in healthcare is not only a safety issue, it is required for accreditation with organizations such as The Joint Commission. Safe Day One™ is an online healthcare facilities orientation & safety training. It’s not enough to be safe one day, we must be Safe Day One™.

In response to ever tightening travel and education budgets, OAHE has partnered with the Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers and Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC) to provide Safe Day One™ online to OAHE members! This timely offering was initially established in a classroom setting in Kentucky. Now the program has been transferred to the online/distance learning environment to expand the reach of the training to any employee or contract technician providing services in a healthcare environment.



The program covers four primary operational functions: 

  • Module 1 - "Before you Arrive" Pre-construction Risk Assessment
    (Infection Prevention, Fire Safety, Patient Privacy, & Vaccinations)
  • Module 2 - "When you Arrive"
    (Parking, Security, Permits, Emergency Codes, & Teamwork)
  • Module 3 - "While you're Working / Before you Leave"
    (Odors, Vibration & Noise, Compartmentalization, Debris Removal, etc.)
  • Module 4 - "Environmental & OSHA Safety"
    (Confined Space, Ladder Safety, Blood-borne Pathogens & much more)


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Safe Day One™ Renewal

Safe Day One™ is recommended by ASHE as a preparation course for the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker. KSHE updates this training annually and recommends participants take the course every three years.

Safe Day One™ hours may also be used towards renewal requirements for the ASHE CHFM and ASHE CHC certifications.

If you have questions regarding your certification, please email [email protected].