2019 Summer Regional Event Wrap Up - FGI Guidelines

This program for the Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Engineers has been approved by ASHE for 6 contact hours (6.0 CECs).

Friday | August 23, 2019 | 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Manhattan Construction Group
5601 S 122nd E Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146


FGI 2018 Overview - Download Presentation

This session will cover changes that occur in the 2018 version of the FGI guidelines and will introduce how to work with the guidelines. We also plan to use some specific departmental examples to illustrate new requirements.  There will be an overview of the current version of FGI and a closer look at several key issues that deserve a closer look in the 2018 Guidelines.


Speakers: Dwayne Robinett, HFG and Jessica Zvonek, Professional Engineering Consultants


FGI 2018 Front-End Documents Deep Dive - Download Presentation

In this session we will walk through all of the required front end documentation required for FGI 2018 in detail illustrating what needs to be completed when and by whom. We will illustrate several tools we’ve developed to help owners through this process.
Speakers: Michael Turner, HFG and Dwayne Robinett, HFG


USP 797 & 800 - Download Presentation

In this session we would like to walk through USP <797> & <800> which is required to be in place in hospitals by December of this year. This is an important conversation including what is required, how it is applied, and how to ensure a successful project.
Speakers: Mark Crane, HFG and Brian Henry, Professional Engineering Consultants


Panel Discussion - Download Presentation

In this session we would like to have speakers from the day, including our engineering partners, on stage to discuss topics that are relevant to FGI, Design, and Construction, but not necessarily deep enough to require a full long session. It will be 4 topics, and we hope the audience will participate in this discussion and ask any other questions they may have from the day or otherwise.
  • Interior Design and FGI: How Good Interior Design Can Support FGI While Enhancing Your Project
  • What is the Future of Healthcare in Design and Construction?
  • Looking Into the Future of FGI
  • FGI Works in the Developing World:  A Case Study – How FGI is Applied in Kenya
Speakers: David Wright, HFG, Dwayne Robinett, HFG, Michael Turner, HFG, Heather Taylor, HFG, Brian Henry, Professional Engineering Consultants

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